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Please contact me to chat more about the benefits of mediation and discuss how it might help you or your organisation. 

I can offer mediation in person or online in certain circumstances.

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Mediation is an effective way of dealing with conflict at an early stage, I can support parties to find a way forward. It can reduce the impact of conflict and costly and lengthy legal processes can be prevented.

I can help with the following types of conflict:

  • Workplace Mediation
    I have supported with workplace conflict within my HR career and I have seen the damage that it can do,  I have also seen the opportunities and fantastic outcomes that mediation can provide. Where there is conflict in the workplace the impact is usually far wider than those directly involved. My support can be used for up to three parties or for entire teams.

    Dealing with conflict as quickly and effectively as possible is obviously important for the wellbeing and performance of the parties directly involved. It will also minimise the impact on the wellbeing and performance of the wider team, therefore supporting effectiveness and success within your organisation. 
  • Neighbourhood Mediation
    Issues between neighbours can be so difficult for all those involved and having a comfortable, safe, secure and happy home environment is important to everyone. Mediation can resolve matters such as boundary disputes, anti-social behaviour, or disputes over matters such as parking, communal areas etc. Mediation can improve relationships, prevent more formal and costly processes and where applicable help maintain tenancies.
  • Tenancy Mediation 
    Mediation can help resolve interpersonal disputes between tenants and landlords. Issues that may come up include rent arears, maintenance issues, communal areas and responsibilities of each party.
  • Family Mediation
    We will all be aware of the impact that breakdowns of family relationships can have on everyone involved. Mediation can improve relationships in situations where there have been breakdowns of communication, personality clashes, and conflict arising from specific issues or situations. Please note that this mediation is not suitable for those who are in the process of divorcing. 

For any questions or further information, please call 07970 473555

I’m always happy to discuss your requirements and see how I can help you.

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